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Simply Love Yoga

Aim for progress not perfection

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About Me

My love affair with Yoga

Hi, my name is Samantha Lavery, I teach Yoga and Qigong

I am passionate about wellness and how to stay healthy and happy

In 2011, my family and I moved to Sumatra, Indonesia. Until then my exercise of choice was running, but running in such a hot climate did not work for me, so as an alternative exercise my friends introduced me to Ashtanga and Flow Yoga. Like many people I was drawn to Yoga for the physical aspect but it was the benefits to my emotional and mental wellbeing where I found greater reward. This was the start of my love affair with Yoga.

After three years, we returned to the UK and once settled and adjusted back to normal life, I took the opportunity to train with the Seasonal Yoga Academy in Glasgow. In 2016, I completed my 200hr training course and started teaching. While teaching I went on to complete the 300hr Advanced Seasonal Training Program. Since then I have completed my Masters Advance Seasonal Yoga and Seasonal Yin Training.

Yoga and Meditation gave me tools to help me with day to day stresses. Changing your mind-set takes you to the next level of happiness 


In 2019 I worked with a Mind-Set Coach, transforming the way I think and feel about myself. I’ve learned to thrive not just survive. 


I love creating positive connections with people. We live in a world where people are feeling increasingly disconnected from each other, leading to loneliness and a feeling of isolation. 

I enjoy giving something back to my community; once a month I present for BishopFM promoting health and wellbeing, you can listen using the soundcloud link below

Throughout the summer, I'm a volunteer at the amazing show Kynren-An Epic Tale of England.


Improving your wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment. My classes provide an excellent opportunity to exercise your body and mind, but they’re also places to meet, share and create positive connections with others. Check out my classes and join my community today.



Seasonal Yoga, Qigong, Seasonal Yin

Balancing Mind, Body and Emotions
For all levels and abilities

Seasonal Yoga which includes both Yoga and Qigong, is a dynamic flow based practice using the breath to balance our mind, body and emotions with the changing energy of the seasons. 

As in nature, our bodies have their own innate intelligence and mechanisms for internal balancing. In the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each major organ resonates with a particular seasonal energy.  Using our own vital energy (chi or Prana), which flows through the meridians to each major organ of the body. By practicing postures, movement and meridian stretches, we can influence our vital energy or emotional state.

The practice also includes breath work and meditation to bring us to a place of stillness and can often result in a feeling of calm and bliss. We hold emotional stress within our bodies and Yoga, Qigong, Pranayama and Meditation, helps to release those tensions so you feel lighter, calmer, bringing you to a place of stillness and quiet. 

Seasonal Yin is a deep meditative practice that works with the fascia, connective tissue, ligaments, joints and bones. It's slower and more meditative giving you space to turn inwards and tune into your mind and body. With these deep stretches we're opening up any blockages and releasing the energy to flow freely. We use props to support the possess so we can work more deeply into the body. Postures can be held for three to five minutes or sometimes more to access the deeper tissue.

The benefits include: Lengthening connective tissue, increases flexibility, boosts circulation and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

I emphasise the word 'practice'; Yoga is not about creating the perfect pose, it's about being on the mat, seeing how you feel and using your breath to work through the challenges each day may bring. Which is why people with all levels of ability can benefit from a Yoga or Qigong practice.

Bringing balance to the mind and body

Qigong is the movement of energy through breath and movement, it’s good for so many different things; it strengthens the immune system, calms the mind and at the same time energises the body.

Your energy is like a great river that runs through the body. When the river is flowing freely, your energy is flowing, the body is in really good health.

When there are blockages for example through tension or stress then the river starts to get blocked. On one side of the blockage, you get a build up, a stagnation of energy, then on the other side, complete depletion and then the body is out of balance. That’s when health issues can start to surface.

Qigong works to bring your body back into balance to help maintain good health.

It is one of the most accessible practices for all abilities

​Improving your wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment. My classes provide an excellent opportunity to exercise your body and mind, but they’re also places to meet, share and create positive connections with others. Check out where my classes are below and join my community today.

Class Details


Seasonal Yoga 13.00-14.30

Redworth Hall Gym Members only


Seasonal Yoga 17.30 - 18.45 

Byers Green Community Hall, 85 High St, DL16 7NX

Booking is essential. Book here 

Price: £7.50 per class or £28.00 for a block of 4 


Qigong 10.30-11.15am

Heighington Village Hall, Heighington, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6PE



Seasonal Yoga 12.15-13.30

Meadowfield Leisure Centre

Contact Meadowfield to book


Seasonal Yoga 18.30 - 19.45

School Aycliffe Community Hall, Eastfields Road, DL5 6QH

Booking is essential. Book here

Price: £7.50 per class or £28.00 for a block of 4 

Monthly Zoom classes with recordings

Yin Yoga - First Saturday of every month

Qigong - First Monday of the month

Seasonal Yoga - First Wednesday of the month

Qigong, Seasonal Yoga and Seasonal Yin - £18 per month.

Qigong and Seasonal Yin Yoga - £12.50 per month

Qigong only - £10 per month

This gives you access to monthly live zoom classes as well as recordings, which you can use as often as you like throughout the month.

To book online classes or for more information email, text or call for more detail.


07821 870975

My Retreats

Do you sometimes feel exhausted, irritable and restless?

Constantly feeling 'switched on’ affects our nervous system, in the midst of daily routines, we don’t always have the time, space and energy to focus on ourselves and heal our mind, body and spirit.


There's a saying that 'you need to fill your cup up first, before you fill anyone else’s’.

If our energy levels are not sufficient and we’re trying to help others, we then feel depleted. Caring for ourselves is not selfish, when we feel happy and healthy, we have more energy and resilience to support and help others without feeling depleted.

A yoga retreat can create a sanctuary allowing you the time and space to feel rested, renewed and re-discover our inner peace, naturally and holistically. A retreat can benefit us in many ways, not just physically


It can give us the right space to facilitate the healing process

Build and focus on our yoga practice

Reduce stress & anxiety by disconnecting us from our daily routine

Release negative thinking patterns & increase our motivation to create change by shifting our environment and everyday inputs

Space and time dedicated to self-care

Enables us to embrace our fears by connecting us with a community of open-minded individuals

Can help us build an inner awareness so we feel more connected to ourselves and others

Wellness Coach

Yoga & Qigong Retreat - Spain
17-21st September 2024 - Spaces Available


Interested in extending your summer sunshine? 

This September, join me for a four night yoga retreat. We’ll be staying at the beautiful Mariola Secreta, nestled in the stunning surroundings of the Serra de Mariola Natural Park.

You'll be staying in the Valencian farmhouse El Cipreret, which offers contemporary, rustic, luxury accommodation with plenty of quiet spaces to relax, reset and renew. Delicious food & drink, beautiful views and scenery and you'll participate in Qigong, Yoga and Meditation sessions nestled in the forest with stunning mountain views. This is one of Spain’s best kept secrets and just one hour from Valencia or Alicante airport, the park is the perfect place to relax and renew…


At Mariola Secreta, they love to make their guests feel spoilt without any stuffy formalities. The retreat will run from Tuesday 17th to Saturday 21st September and includes four nights full board accommodation in one of their carefully renovated guest suites. Every suite has its own individual style with crisp cotton sheets, luxurious pillows and duvets to keep you comfortably cool on summer nights. There's a heated swimming pool and a newly installed sauna, and as well as doing yoga, you'll have free time to use the facilities, go for a walk, swim, read a book or just chill out.


The venue was recently featured in December 2023 edition of Sainsbury's Magazine, read more by clicking on the link


Rooms are available in single or shared occupancy and prices start from 850Euro per person

Ready to book? go direct to

Or for more information contact me on 07821870975 or email at


What's included

Ensuite accommodation – 4 nights

Scheduled airport transfer

Yoga & Qigong and Meditation sessions

Delicious freshly prepared meals

Wine and beer with dinner

Water, tea and coffee available at all times


What's not included


Travel Insurance – Please make sure that you have full travel insurance

Massage treatments

Additional soft drinks, beer, wines and spirits – they have a very reasonably priced honesty bar

Rooms are available in either single or shared occupancy depending on your budget, click the link for more information and to book.


Weekend Retreat - UK
10-12th May 2024 - Fully Booked
7-9th June 2024 - Fully Booked
23-25th August 2024 - Fully Booked

A Weekend of Yoga and Qigong to Relax and Recharge

Staying at Gables Pod Camping – Winner of the hit TV Show FOUR IN A BED

In the beautiful setting of the historic Saxon Village of Escomb, Bishop Auckland, invigorate yourself with morning and evening sessions of Seasonal Yoga and Qigong as we embrace the energy of the season.


Connect with nature and enjoy an enriching weekend of qigong, yoga and meditation, with delicious vegetarian meals, luxury pod camping, each with a hot tub as well as a shared sauna and natural environment. Experience the magic of sitting in stillness in the beautiful Tipi with its gentle lighting and warming campfire.


The Weekend:

Our two-night retreat will offer you the chance to enrich your body and mind through the traditional arts of qiqong, yoga, yoga nidra and or pranayama and/or meditation, so you can reach that next level of vitality, vibrancy and happiness in life, and all in a setting that is at one with mother nature. 


The focus of this weekend is YOU! It’s about helping you to let go of the stresses and strains of life as well as strengthening your practice so that you feel revived and relaxed.


The weekend is structured to give you group sessions as well as offering time to relax, where you are free to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in which you are staying, explore the area or enjoy the hot tub, sit and read a book or just enjoy quiet time to yourself.

For course details and dates see the events section below



2.00pm Arrive site anytime from (welcome tea/coffee) (Serenity)

4.30 - 6:00pm – First Yoga session (Tepee)

6:30ish - Dinner (Serenity)

8.00 - 8:30pm Pranayama/Meditation or Yoga Nidra (Tepee)



8.30 - 10.00am - Yoga (Tepee)

10.30am - Breakfast (Serenity)

2.00pm - Light Lunch (Serenity)

4.45 - 6.00pm - Yoga (Tepee)

6.30ish - Dinner (Serenity)

8.00 - 8:30pm Pranayama/Meditation or Yoga Nidra (Tepee)


8.30am -10.00am Yoga (Tepee)

10.30am - Breakfast (Serenity)

Leave at 12.00noon


Accommodation: Staying at Gables Pod Camping – Winner of the hit TV Show FOUR IN A BED (shown 9th Nov 2020). Enjoy luxury pod camping accommodation, all fully insulated and equipped with en-suite bathroom, bedding and towels, selection of toiletries, power sockets, electric heater, microwave, mini-fridge and kettle and all main meals are included in the price.  Because the site is small and intimate, the rooms are on a share-only basis with a double bed in each pod as well as the Clock-tower, which has a double bunk bed and the cottage which has one bedroom with a double bed, bathroom and downstairs living area. Please see Gables Pod Camping website or Facebook page for all accommodation and facility details                                The Gables-Pod Camping

There are limited parking spaces available so car sharing where possible is advisable.


As this is a small and intimate site, there is no single occupancy available.

All bookings are made based on two people sharing.

Total Cost Per Person for 2024 retreats

£335pp (additional charge for the cottage - contact for details)


Four Yoga sessions and two relaxation sessions

Includes either Pod hire with double bed (3 available) or the cottage which is one bedroom with a double bed, small kitchen and seating area downstairs (1 available)

Includes Vegetarian Continental Breakfast 

Light Lunch –Soup 

Dinner – Vegetarian Dinner

Tea, coffee, herbal tea

Use of facilities including Serenity room (where we will share meals), Tepee for our Yoga sessions, shared Sauna and a Hot Tub with each room


Extras: They also have a license to sell alcohol; alcoholic drinks are available to purchase if you fancy a cocktail or two! 

A £60 deposit secures your booking with two further payments, details on request


Terms and conditions apply

To book your space call me on 07821 870975 or email at

Thanks for submitting!

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